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We can stop ants using your home as a food source


Ants are persistent and never stop looking for ways into your home especially during times of drought and heavy rain.


There are over 1,200 species of ants in Australia and they can become a nuisance when they find their way into your home. If you are battling sugar ants in your kitchen or carpenter ants in your walls, you might not be a big fan of ants. Unfortunately, the ants you notice are usually those causing you trouble. 

And if you live in an area where stinging, imported red fire ants are common you can report to Biosecurity Queensland or call us on 1800 556 225 our technicians are trained to treat fire ants. These are the signs you have been stung by a fire ant:

  • Stings from fire ants can cause a painful, burning, itching sensation, lasting up to 1 hour.
  • Multiple stings give sensation that body is on fire.
  • Small blisters may form at the sting area several hours after stinging and may become itchy.
  • Broken blisters may become infected.


Fire ant close-up

Fire Ant up close – size 2-6mm



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These are the most common ants we have in Australia below: 


Argentine Ant – 1.6mm length – Bite don’t sting

Black House Ant – 2.5 – 3mm length – Shiny black

Bull Ant – 18 – 20mm length – Red or black in colour


Carpenter Ant – vary in sizes from minor, soldier and major ants in the colony


Coastal Brown Ant – 1.5-2.5 length – yellow brown colour

Garden Ant       

Garden Ant – 4-5mm length – Dark Brown black colour

Ghost Ant – pale legs and abdomen – 1.6mm length

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Green Ant – 5-6mm length – green black and odour


Sugar ant – 105 – 15mm length – vary in colour



Funnel ants ruining your lawn? — The Bug Doctor

Funnel ant – light brown or tan – 1cm length

Check out the Before and After picture to know you have funnel ants

Signs that you have Funnel Ants:

  • They spoil the appearance of your lawn.
  • Damage mowers and mower blades.
  • Your lawn looks uneven 
  • Mud mounds all over the lawn

In the Before picture you can see that the customer had been battling these funnel ants nesting in their back yard for at least 6 months. 

These customers decided to call us in to treat the funnel ants as they can be difficult to prevent and with the help of one of our trained pest technicians this is a result in the After picture, only after 2 days of the treatment.

To achieve this result it is all about the preparation, application, the product used and understanding how funnel ants work.

So rest assured if you are battling funnel ants with no success call us on 1800556225 and we will send one of our trained pest technicians to solve your funnel ant problem.


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