Is the Pest Control treatment safe for my kids?

The types of pest control treatments we apply are much safer these days. We use them in child care centres, kindergartens, hospitals and of course our homes. We place the treatments inside wall cavities, roof voids, underneath kitchen cabinets and other areas that are out of reach from the kids. The way we do pest control treatments are applied in a safe manner.
One other common question that we are asked is ” Is it necessary to leave the home during the pest control treatment?”
It is a personal choice, it doesn’t hurt. Going to the local park with the kids or family or somewhere during the treatment is up to you and can gives you a peace of mind. Rest assured we will explain the treatments, how they work and the service warranty and leave a sticker under your kitchen sink so you can find us

Is it safe for my dog/cat?
It is always preferable to take certain precautions such as sending the pets outside for sometime or at least safely confining them to the untreated areas for 1 or 2 hours. This is because curious pets can easily come into contact with the applied pesticide while it is still wet. Let the treatment dry out completely and then ventilate the room thoroughly before allowing the pets to return. Some pest control companies advise to remove the pet bedding, food, water bowl and toys also.

Cover the fish tank or bird cage with a towel or sheet to prevent the spray vapors or airborne particles from creeping inside. If you have any exotic animals or birds.

How often does pest control need to be done?

We recommend getting your pest control done every 12 months. This includes treatments for cockroaches, ants, spiders and termite inspections. Other treatment periods may vary depending on the environment and infestation size. After 12 months our treatment breaks down and will no longer protect your home from pests. 

Do I need to move anything before you do pest control?
  • Please ensure general housekeeping is carried out prior to our service.
  • Clear benchtops of food items, ensure loose items are cleared around the floor areas
  • For external treatments pets such as dogs and cats must be isolated away from the treated areas until all treated areas are dry.
  • Our qualified technician will complete a site risk assessment and provide you with a full treatment report, including recommendations for future prevention of activity to your property
  • Our professional service has been tailored to you, and our technician will assess the best methods to treat based on the agreement in place, the environment and the infestation levels found.



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