Are you afraid of being stung?

We can help reduce the risk of painful wasp stings to you and your family.

Wasps become aggressive when they feel their nest and young are being threatened. Wasp stings can be painful and life-threatening to someone that is allergic to them.

Paper Wasps

Native Paper Wasps are found all over Australia and prefer to build their nests hanging in open and high locations such as trees and house eaves. They tend to only be aggressive when their nest is threatened.

Mud Wasps / Mud Daubers

Unlike Paper Wasps, Australian Mud Wasps or Mud Daubers are a solitary species that are harmless and will only sting if handled. They build individual nests out of mud, often attached to tree trunks or buildings.

The female Mud Wasp hunts and paralyses spiders to store in her sealed nest, in preparation for her eggs to hatch. 

Wasp Nest Removal

The removal of wasp nests can be dangerous due to the risk of being stung. This is why we recommend for the safety of you and your family, you should get any wasp nests around your home treated by a professional. Call us for more information or a quote.

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