Everyone knows about cockroaches, ants and spiders in Queensland. Our summer months is the time where we find these annoying pests appearing into our homes. 

Ants do not seem to disappear regardless of the weather or time of year. They are household pests that like to come inside whether it rains or shines. Ants love areas that have water and food sources. Therefore you will find them most commonly in your kitchen, bathroom and laundry areas. Getting rid of an entire ant colony can be a challenge for all. The main job for pest controllers is to treat the area of concern and to find the source. That is why we understand our customers concerns when it comes to ant problems in the home and we offer a twelve month internal warranty.

Australian spiders have no place in your home, they leave nasty bites and some are extremely poisonous to you and your family. It is important that we target the webs, mainly in the external areas to keep them from coming inside. We also offer a twelve month external warranty for spider treatments to makes sure we can keep them away from the inside of your home.

Cockroaches, the scavengers of all scavengers that love moist, dark, food and unsanitised areas. Your home is the perfect breeding place and especially in the winter. In the summer they like to come out from your cavity walls and areas of your home and fly or crawl into your home. If not treated they can breed very fast. The ten cockroach species in Australia can spread salmonella, typhoid, cholera and other harmful diseases. Today there is no reason to live with cockroaches.  

So remember just because you cannot see any of the above mentioned household pests does not mean they are not breeding in your home. Remember you do not need to live with household pests and if you see any or too many do not leave it and contact your Local Pest Controller. 

At Your Local Termite and Pest Control, we treat pests the way household pests should be treated – dead.

If you have not had your home treated for household pests for more than twelve months you will find that you will have cockroaches and other household pests as your uninvited household guests.